As you know Dorian’s Eye went right over Scotland Cay where my house is. There were sixty homes on the island and only six with roofs!

Mine fortunately was one of them.  No tiles were lost on the Guest or Main house!

So you can say that it (Palmex thatch) will take 220 mph winds!

The outside cooking area’s tiki poles were blown over but the Palmex thatch was intact!!!

Thanks again,
Dr. Doug


Well Tom, thank you for all of your guidance and suggestions along the way. Although, I am still fine tuning things. The final look is pretty close to this. Tiki Mundo does an awesome job with ordering, delivery, guidance, and quality of the material.

Thanks again for a great product. I’ll send pics once we have the ceiling fan in and other odds and ends.

Thanks again,


Hi Tom,

Windier than all get out here but I got it on.

Awesome looking when it all on. And happy how it turned out for my first go with thatch, thx to your help.

Everything is still dormant here. I can send you another set – if you want – when we have the bananas blooming, seats out back on and other deco later this spring. Just let me know..

Very happy with you personal service, knowledge and the product!

Marc and Karla Ballard

Hi Tom,

First of all, thank you for the pleasant experience with my recent purchase of Palmex artificial thatch.

It arrived in surprisingly short time.

My friend and I installed the thatch on my Tiki hut in two days, and it looks fabulous. We are getting many compliments from neighbors and friends.

Ed Klinger

Thank you so much for getting us this thatch. It went on easily and has held up perfectly in the heavy winds, rain and heat. We wanted to see if we could fool real Hawaiians so we blind folded three and took them to the Tiki to see if they would think they were still in Hawaii..

Two out of three Hawaiians could not tell the difference between your thatch and real Hawaiian thatch and the third Hawaiian thougt she was in Fiji…..so close enough!!!!

We love it and may put it on our house too!!!!


I purchased Domingo style thatch from Tiki Mundo in 2007 to replace the real grass thatch I had installed on my Tiki Bar/Cabana in 2005. It is now 6 years later and the Domingo thatch still looks like new! It has stood up to everything from hot sun, high winds, rain and heavy snow we see here in Massachusetts. I just want to say I love this product, it’s fantastic!! I get comments on it all the time from my guests.

Gary LeBlanc


Another testament to the durability of Dura-Thatch. As I emailed you before, I replaced the natural thatch with Dura-Thatch on my golf cart that has been converted to an “art car” with a beach palapa theme.

I towed the art car on a flatbed trailer behind my camper for a round trip time of 12 hours traveling 55 to 60 miles an hour. The destination was the Burning Man festival one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada.

The thatch had fish net draped over the top and bungee cords attaching the net to the body of the cart. ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS. There was not a panel or a leaf end out of place.

I had expected to make some minor repairs on arrival, but, no need. I removed the net and drove off across the Black Rock Desert without any adjustments to the thatch. Loved it!

We did have winds almost every afternoon that tossed the thatch around a little and gave it a more natural wind blown look. Natural thatch was not permitted by the licensing committee but they found no problem with this product.

Thanks again for the help.

Thanks Tiki Mundo,

We are both very happy with the way the thatch turned out. It looks great! The wood frame made it easy to attach. The screws could go in at any angle and hold. Attached are two photos of our backyard Palapa.

It came out great even though it was a lot of work for just one person, me. The directions made more sense once I got the materials and got into the installation. It looks different than a natural fiber thatch but as a finished product, I like the looks!

I have had several complements on the roof in just the couple of weeks it has been on. My wife and I are both very happy with the way it turned out!

Ron and Susie

Dear Tiki Mundo,

I am writing on behalf of the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA. Over the past (7+) years we have used your Palmex® thatch product in many capacities. Initially, we were seeking a product for our elephant exhibit, an outdoor roof that would be exposed to rough New England winters, and yet still be a decorative addition to a themed space. Boy did your thatch fit the bill!

We have used natural thatch on many projects over the years. While it gave us the look and feel we wanted, it lacked in many avenues, primarily it was dusty and hard to keep clean. Additionally our conservation efforts caused us to examine more closely the materials utilized in an attempt to raise awareness of depletion of forestation.

Your thatch gives the aesthetic appeal needed for a themed commercial venue, with the durability and eases other materials lacked. It washes easily, withstands weather amazingly and it is super easy to use. Our maintenance crews love it!

Here’s to a wonderful company with an awesome product. We have continued using your thatch on numerous projects since. Many of our food and beverage buildings as well as rides and animal displays benefit from a topping of your thatch. We look forward to working with you on future projects and wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone considering a fresh, decorative and very functional alternative to traditional roofing.

Highest Regards,

Cindy Lavoie
Southwick Zoo

Dear Tiki Mundo,

Back in February of 2007, I purchased 3 1/4 bundles of your synthetic thatch from Mr. Tom Flynn to cover the top of on an outdoor kitchen I had built around my pool.

I have attached some pictures of my outdoor kitchen project with my new synthetic thatch roof installed that I purchased from you. I am taking this opportunity to inform you of what a great product this is. It was very easy to install, plus I have received so many compliments of how good it looks. The people who installed my pool, even had a local magazine come out and take pictures for their pool advertisement in the magazine.

Also I want to let you know how durable this stuff is. I rode out hurricanes Gustav & Ike, and during these storms, we were getting winds gusting from 50 to 70 mph. I observed how the thatch was re-acting during this time. Just to let you know, not one blade of this stuff moved, even on the leading edges. It didn´t even leak. If I could afford it, I would do the top of my whole house with your synthetic thatch and never worry about a shingled house again. Thanks again Tikimundo for a fine product.

I am very satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone who wants a long lasting, durable, good looking roof.

Best Regards,

Jimmy M. Dupree
Slidell Louisiana

Here are a few pics that show the bar I finished last year with your thatch. I was at Sandals St Lucia and saw some Tiki-Mundo thatch on their beach huts and it reminded me to send you photos.

We love our hut and bar. I have not seen another individual around here that has anything close or as cool as ours.. then I am a little biased cuase I built it.

We have been thru 2 winters and it looks like we built it yesterday. Your thatch is wonderful!!

Doug Ward
Midlothian Tx

What a difference 2-foot extension made WOW 

Guess I should have done it from the beginning 

But wasn’t too late thanks to Golden Global MFG(aka Bill Golden) and Tiki Tom the tiki guru

Rock on Big Dogs

We are loving this addition 


The Diaz Family

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